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  • LACE

    Lace is our most natural lash, perfect for small eyes and everyday use.


    Gives your eyes a natural lift due to the subtle cat eye effect.

    • 1. Start by measuring, aligning the strip lash band with your natural eyelash line, trim if needed.


      2. Apply CB Cosmetic Lash Adhesive to strip lash band and wait 30 seconds or until adhesive is tacky.


      3. Place the lash band in the centre of your natural eyelash then using tweezers push the outher corner of the strip lash in place followerd by the inner corner. 


      4. Make sure to press the strip lash aingst your natural eyelashes to achive a naturally blended look.


      5. Only apply mascara to your natural eyelashes. Applying mascara to strip eyelashes will ruin them.

    • 1. Remove by carefully pulling strip lash from the outher corner of your eye


      2. If needed carefully remove adhesive residue with tweezers.


      3. Storage your CB Cosmetics strip lashes in their original box to protect them from dust and dirt.



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